Saturday 21 March 2020

Wow, it's been a while...

I must admit I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted over here on The Honest Type. As I type, I can't help but feel a bit embarrassed that it's taken me so long to acknowledge that on here.

Because in all honestly, so much of my life has changed since I last spoke with you. And I mean, in it's entirety.

A couple months after, my boyfriend became my fiancee while on a  trip to Paris, and the year later in August 2017 he became my husband. I've moved city, changed job twice into a totally different career sector, and at the end of 2019 we welcomed home our fur-baby - a Ragdoll kitten called Bluebell.

(How could I resist showing you some wedding pics and of course - my Maggie Sottero dress!)

Now, that's a lot of life change packed into three sentences. But it's also lovely to zoom out on life from where it is right now, and the unprecedented times we also find ourselves in, and take time to reflect and look-back on all the amazing things that have happened. It's something we rarely do, but should take the time to just appreciate where we are in life, and the things - planned and unplanned - which led us right to this place.

So why after so many years have passed, am I writing to you again? Well, I've really missed it. Over the past year or so I've been really craving again for that creative outlet, something I took pride in over this space I'd created here on The Honest Type. A place to talk about the things I was loving at the time, and my is it a time-warp looking back on some of that a few years on(!) and express my creative side. I've missed that so much, I've decided it was time to pick up my digital pen again and continue something that I loved doing.

But, as I'm in a new phase of life - I felt it called for a new site, too. So, I'd love for you to join me over on my new self-titled blog, Rachel Thomson. I've written some new posts there, which I think you'd enjoy. From the best Beauty Pie lipsticks, to bringing my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Ghost palette into Spring and my review of Sephora's metallic eyeshadow inspiration for the upcoming summer

You can expect a more grown up version of what you enjoyed reading here, fashion, beauty, travel and hopefully some interiors too now that we have our very own place to style, decorate and overall enjoy.

Here's a visual taster of what to expect...

I hope that you'll join me over on my all new blog, and follow me across on Bloglovin.

Wednesday 8 June 2016


 It's that time of year again! 

My birthday month of June has officially arrived, and we've even been graced by a few hot & sunny days here in Scotland. (*Still not reached 20 degrees, but this is hot for us Scot's).
And because of the lack of exotic weather in the UK, I really don't invest into Spring Summer as much as I would actually love to. "Will I ever get to wear this?" is the question that halts the majority of my summer buying decisions. Particularly when I don't have an abroad summer holiday planned out, as is the case this year.

But despite my usual hesitation, I've decided to throw caution to the wind & pick up some which I can't wait to wear on these summery weekends.  Grab yourself a cuppa, and let's take a look shall we?

 The off-shoulder trend has been huuuuuuuge this season, and with it's bohemian, relaxed vibes - why on earth not?! At first, I wasn't convinced this was a trend for me due to my own physique and shape.  Clearly having a moment of fashion bravery, I went ahead and bought the above three styles from Topshop anyway!
The verdict? I LOVE these. Sure they're a tad inconvenient & annoying to wear, but for evening drinks I'm hardly struggling to reach for any top shelves. My current challenge? Mastering the art of how to elegantly put on and take off my leather jacket while wearing these.  For the record, I'm determined to eventually succeed. 

1. Zara 2. Topshop 3. Zara 

Unless you know me from my awkward teenage years, or see me laze around the house, you're highly likely to have never seen me wear a zip up anything. I couldn't even bear going to the Zoo last week wearing my zipper hoody. (Sorry, not sorry for that pun!)
But embracing a slightly more casual fashion side, I've fallen completely for Bomber jackets. Somewhere inside, there's something no true 90's girl can resist. My neon Le Coq Sportif days may be well behind me, but I've embraced these Topshop & Zara lovelies instead.

From this selection, I've purchased jackets no.1 and no.2 and I'm really really happy that I did. Sure they both have pink tones, but I was keen to purchase one that was a plain colour & one which made more of a statement. The Zara jacket especially, I have barely taken off since I bought this! Often worn with a loose t-shirt, black jeans and my sparkly flats - this is a simplistic and easy outfit, which still looks thoughtfully put together. 

1. Topshop 2. Topshop 3. Topshop 

I often find dress shopping particularly difficult. From spending most of my days at work in jeans and a jumper, I'm perhaps un-used to embracing my more feminine fashion side. My body shape too, makes dress shopping a bit of a nightmare, leaving me giving up shopping attempts and resulting with a lack of options in my wardrobe. While shopping in Topshop on Princes St last weekend,  I promised myself that I would leave with a dress! Pushing aside my usual complaints of "but I never have anything to wear it for," I was a very happy Rachel when I spied these three dresses in-store!

Dress 1 - The only dress from the three that I didn't have the time to try on. I actually only spotted this when leaving, but I do wish I'd gone back to try this - it's gorgeous! The metallic, blush hue strikes me as very 1920's inspired, and a great occasion dress. I keep admiring this online, so I'm pretty sure I will place an order for this, just so I can at least try it...

Dress 2 was actually spotted by Paul, and I must admit he can uncover a good fashion find. The bold orange hue, the flattering wrap at the front - such a good staple dress for my wardrobe. But at the time, I wasn't 100% so didn't pick it up. After looking back at my changing room photos in this, if the Aberdeen stores have this in stock I'm pretty certain it may be another Topshop purchase for me!

I don't usually go for a wrap style dresses, but Dress 3 was flattering on my shape - while the floral and spot contrast looks really striking! It's so different from anything else in my wardrobe, so it's about time I added something fresh and different. This dress is small sized though, as I had to go all the way up to a size 14. Maybe it's more personal preference, but with my shape I still felt too busty in the 12.


If you've made it this far, Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed this post, and a chance to see some of the SS16 pieces I've already purchased - and those I'd still like to! I've never been so into Topshop, and right now they seem to be pretty on point. 
Let me know if you've purchased the same or similar, and comment below with anything else I should check out. 

Tuesday 17 May 2016


Well, that is a name and a half for a liquid lippy isn't it? I'm not entirely sure where 'Ultra HD Matte' came from, but when I noticed a 3 for 2 in my local Boots, I couldn't help but pick up two! These liquid lipsticks were launched in the UK during March, so are still relatively new to their range. It does make a welcome addition to their previous range of glosses, traditional lipsticks and lip butters. And being such a liquid lipstick fan girl, how could I pass up giving them a try?

I've seen these products floating around the blogosphere, and although my local Boots has a disappointing range of shades, I still found two that I wanted to try out. In all honesty, Revlon are not a brand I've ever used until earlier this year, when I per chance picked up the aforementioned Colourstay Foundation. Then it became the lip butter (Red Velvet is gooooooorgeous... as worn in this Instagram shot), the classic Black Cherry lipstick, the liquid concealer & now these matte liquid lipsticks. 

The first shade I picked up was this nudey-peachy shade called Flirtation. I actually had to visit the  (very slow!) Revlon site to get the names of these colours. The labels I found a bit useless, as I couldn't make out a name from them. There's no way of using the product without removing said label, there's no note elsewhere of the shade name for future reference.
I'm not sure if I'm 100% sold on this colour for me, just yet.  I tend to go for bold shades as I have such pale skin, apart from my beloved MAC Mehr (which is so under hyped) or my YSL Volupt√® Shine in No.09. I'm pretty certain Flirtation is the same shade that blogger Estee Lalonde mentioned in a vlog on Youtube, and the below red on her blog too. 

Aside from the uncertainty towards this shade, what stood out to me was how well they lasted. I found Flirtation liked to sink into the fine lines of my lips, but was really buttery soft to apply and so highly pigmented. This swatch shows just one layer of application, so I think that gives some pretty great coverage to my naturally pigmented lips. One thing I noted though was the over-powering scent. If you don't like strongly scented products, these unfortunately won't be for you. Strong scented makeup, especially lip products, give me a bad headache and this unfortunately did that initially.  It didn't linger for too long though and once this dried, a lovely matte finish, no scent with great colour payoff and longevity. 

My favourite of the two shades, however (of course) was this wonderful blue-toned red shade called Passion. Perfect for any other pale skin princesses out there!
Now this one I kept on all day after photographing these swatches, and was blown away by the results. As with the previous shade, a beautiful matte colour but without the same sinking into the fine lines. Perhaps the deeper colour makes it less noticeable? I applied this at about 2pm, and I still had  full on lip colour left at midnight. And being a Saturday afternoon, I had had coffee, cake, more coffee, dinner - and even more coffee... To me, that's some good staying power. It felt comfortable too, unlike other matte products I have read about and tried. No chapped, uncomfortable lips over here thank you! So that's a major plus in my books, especially as it managed to last so long - why should we sacrifice comfort for longevity?

Which colour do you prefer? I'd love for you to comment below with your thoughts/ experiences with this product, it's always so nice to hear from you all!
If you fancy trying out these lipsticks, they're available from Boots for a bargain £6.99 each. 

Until next time,

Thursday 7 April 2016


I love the change that Spring indicates. Along with the change of season, the change of attitude in the fashion and beauty world too. The mood feels lighter, brighter and in a way - much more natural. 

Let’s not get me wrong here, I’m the biggest advocate for a wintery, deep berry lip & makeup look. In fact, I can’t keep myself away from them all year round. But in a recent perusal around the Aberdeen MAC store, I was glad to find some bright, spring-like colours  which caught my attention well and truly.

Firstly, as always there’s a lipstick. I cannot keep myself away! I love lipstick. Glosses and long hair often result in a gooey mess, so they’re all liquid, wet lip product a no go. (There’s always an exception, hello Illamasqua’s liquid lipsticks...)
The shade that caught my attention was Captive, how ironic... and it’s a very ‘me’ style nude. Because of my pale skin tone, I really cannot pull off too light a nude lip, so always tend to learn towards berry, slightly purple tones.

Although this is a satin formula, I wouldn’t say it’s like my other satin’s (like Hot Tahiti), and I actually find it leans more matte as once it’s on, this is on. When it eventually fades, after 8hrs or so, it does leave such a lovely stain. The MAC assistant recommended pairing it with ‘Currant’ liner, which in my honest opinion could be far too dark if applied too harshly. But with a light skilled hand and then blended out with a lip brush - you have the perfect base for this colour. It compliments the lipstick’s purpley tones well, and feathering the edges slightly gives a modern, slightly lived in feel rather than a harsh edged line. Anything that makes a lip colour more wearable during the day is a complete win in my book.
 If  the colour of Currant (pictured below) is too bold for you, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Soar instead. I'm so glad I got a hold of this months before it became the it MAC Liner to own. If you can get your pretty paws on this liner, I fully recommend! I do love the quality and finish of the MAC liners, and Soar is a fabulous 'my lips, but way better' shade for day or evening.

And finally,  MAC Beauty Powder in Peach Sunrise, a product which I have never purchased before.  I am familiar with MAC MSF's, but I had always previously passed on the beauty powder formulations. MAC suggest their beauty powder's can be used as soft blushes, finishing powders, or as highlight. 

I spotted this as part of their recent Faeries Whispers collection, and it was originally the much lighter 'Sparkling Rose' BP which I intended to purchase. But then, I fell in love with Peach Sunrise instead, as it's like nothing else in my blush/highlighter collection. 
I have been using this as a highlighter product, and with the lovely peachy golden hue it gives a natural glow of warmth to the skin. I would also use this light handedly as shimmer blush, particularly in the spring summer months, as this is stunning when caught in natural light. 
I don't know anyone who would pass up on a "lit from within glow," so I'll get so much use from this, as it does precisely that. The peach base translates onto the skin very well, so also a great product to lightly give colour which enhances, rather than distracts, from the rest of my look.  I would keep light handed with this to achieve that light glow, especially when worn with my HG blush, Maxfactor's creme puff blush in Nude Mauve. 

What's your thoughts on these products? And please do comment below with your favourite products for a natural beauty, Spring inspired look!

Wednesday 23 December 2015


It’s amazing how quickly 2015 has flown, and incredible that it’s already Christmas Eve (Or, Christmas Eve Eve as I finish this. Any Friends fans out there?...) 
While on the topic of New Yorkers, I was recently introduced to Spring, a lovely NYC fashion & beauty brand,  who kindly asked me to curate my ideal grown up Christmas wish list. All the pieces listed are available on their site,, but for those who are not stateside - these garments are also available on sites direct from the designers, or on Selfridges/ Harvey Nichols/ Harrods also.

Gone are the days where as a kid I would sit down to basically re-write the Argos catalogue, but now here  I am -  preparing my list as a young woman who has a strong & concrete knowledge of her own personal style.  Maybe this is why I’m described as difficult to buy for?

I’m tackling this wish list confidently and head on, under the 4 key categories which I am always scouting for. Even if these don’t find their way to me on Christmas morning, why not think of this as Rachel’s guide to the sales #1? The key - always invest in pieces you love, that more expensive (and better quality piece) will satisfy you much more than 10,000 second best pieces.

1. The Accessory
Jo Malone |  Mary Katrantzou | Diptyque | Salvatore Ferragamo

Versatile, personal and full of personality, accessories are the perfect gift for those who seem to have everything - without the panic of, "which size would they be?"
The correct accessories give you a real insight to an individuals style & personality, and are the way to accentuate an outfit. Whether for yourself or as a gift, find something of quality which is unique, and it will be forever worn & treasured. Think along the lines of these wonderful creations by Mary Katrantzou & Salvatore Ferragamo - full of statement, colour, class & not a hint of boring.

Accessorising needn’t only be reserved as the perfect excuse to wrap ourselves up in beautiful scarves, remember to turn your thoughts to the home too. Diptyque are the home fragrance brand at the moment, and Baies seems to have taken the bloggers by storm with this floral scent. 
Jo Malone perfumes have been well regarded for a long time, and my fragrance Nectarine Blossom & Honey (which you can read here), needs another JM bottle to sit next to. Just so it’s not lonely on the shelf, you know? Wild Bluebells or Earl Grey & Cucumber would be absolutely perfect, and will be the fragrances I pick up in the future. 

2. The Beauty

With or without makeup, you ladies are always beautiful. 
But if you’re anything like myself, putting on makeup makes me look, and feel, more prepared to face the outside world. With such cold weather, lips are often take the hit of this and become dry, chapped & uncomfortable.  This lip butter set (blood orange, mint & rose) offer a little TLC this winter, keeping your pout perfected, before later applying your favourite lip colour!

British Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury has recently taken the beauty world by storm, with her stunning and wide variety of products. The Vintage Vamp & Eyes to Mesmerise sets have been firmly on my wish list for a long time now, as who can ever have too many beautiful eyeshadows? And to give your entire look a perfected finish, there’s nothing better than a brand new set of Smashbox Cosmetics Studio Pro brushes.

3. The Dancing Shoes

No matter how good your dance moves actually are, you’re guaranteed to be given extra kudos for some stunning footwear. Who will be paying attention to your dancing in these statement heels?
High heels are the one department where I am severely lacking in choice, both in classic styles & something more snazzy. To boost my classics collection, I’m looking no further than these Sophia Webster heels & boots. SW is such a fun brand, so lively & fun, and these styles are quite conservative for her. Who knew you needed a pair of heels with wings?

To make a statement, I’m turning to Brian Atwood’s Classic Gold heels, as with an all metallic shoe - you really don’t want an over complicated design. Gold, metallic while keeping it completely classy ladies! When it’s time to play with colour, there’s nothing shy about these pink & orange Pierre Hardy Majorelle pretties. A combination that sounds so wrong, but looks so right. With the added ankle tie & side tassel, you’re on trend and hot to trot.

4. Cold Outdoors

Rebecca Taylor | Datura |  Modern Citizen  | French Connection 

Scotland is hardly known for it’s soaring heat, so it’s probably unsurprising to find that clothes to keep me warm, yet stylish, is a constant for my wardrobe. The first garment which stood out to me was this Rebecca Taylor Tweed blazer. Perfect for the office with a cashmere stole, or to glam up a simple tee, jeans and heels combination for evening cocktails. It immediately oozes Chanel-esque elegance, and which girl would deny such appeal?

I adore styles which are a bit more relaxed, which brought both the Datura & Modern Citizen coats into the wish list. The Cashmere/Wool composition of the Datura garments makes it great for a more luxurious occasion, while the Modern Citizen I would also love to wear belted up, for more casual outings. No Scottish girls fashion guide is complete without a piece of chunky knitwear. This white number by French Connection has a unique knit pattern on the garment sleeves, which may let the cold in a little - but at least I would still look super stylish.

I know this has turned into a bit of a long one, but I hope this has provided your with a bit if inspiration this festive season! Be it for outfits of your own, delayed gift giving, or a little bit of Boxing Day sale indulgence.
As ever, let me know which pieces are your favourites, and what would feature in your gift guide?

Much love & a very  Merry Christmas to every single one of you beauties,

Thursday 17 December 2015


With Christmas just right around the corner, pretty much literally, you might think I’m a little late to the game with this latest edit.
But if your like me, you maybe have only just finished your Christmas shopping, forget having them all wrapped and ready. You're may also be waiting tentatively for one very key present to arrive in the post, after a 1am realisation it was a) not even ordered, and then, b) realising it’s not coming from within the UK. Great work, Rachel, but I severely digress.

Along with all the Christmas shopping, I decided that 2015 was the year for a new and improved Christmas jumper. My good little Primark ‘Happy Hollydays’ jumper has had it’s good time, but it’s time to shake things up a little. With the Christmas novelty jumper market exploding every single festive season, the once dimly viewed tacky jumper is now a novelty of which we have an endless choice.

So before you go running out the door to your nearest shopping centre, how about I give you a little run-down of my favourites for 2015, and a little sneak at the newest member to my knitwear collection? The “tacky jumper” look doesn’t float everyone’s boat (ahem, not mine) so I’ve carefully curated a selection for those who love it, but also for those who want to join in the jumper fun with their style credentials remaining firm. 

But who am I kidding? I love a scattering of sequins - so why don’t we start here... The first to catch my eye this season was this stylish, navy Bauble number from Warehouse. It has plenty suggestion of festive fun, while perfect for the conscious fashionista. Were it not for the fact I couldn’t find this in my size in Aberdeen, this would have been this years sweater of choice. 

The Oxblood shade of this ASOS embellished jumper is very 2015, but give me a sequin & beaded sweater with presents, robins & holly & you have my attention. H&M’s offering this year seems to be amazing, but unfortunately none were available in my ‘local’ store. Red & Gold always remains classic, and if I’d wanted to go for matching couple - the penguin would have been mine to compliment my boyfriends new Next penguin number. He’s been almost too keen this year for matching couple sweaters. Maybe next year, Honey....

Keeping away from all things sparkly, is a good ol’ fashioned knit. But by no means a boring, as almost everywhere you turn you can pick up ones which are so cute & festive! Knitted pattern Christmas jumpers have a lovely homely, home-made feeling to them, and less high street fashion which at times is just so appealing

My jumper of choice for 2015 is the Candy Cane Navy Knit by Next (above), which is so cosy - and different to any other jumper I own. As much as it will be reserved for Christmas time only, I’m looking forward to give this one it’s first outing in the next few days!
If my fairisle inspired choice is too on the tradiitonal side for you, these Camel, Penguin & Gingerbread couple knits will not disappoint, and are the perfect Christmas anecdote for your wardrobe. 

And now, a selection for those of you who’s ‘go big or go home’ attitude especially applies to your Christmas jumper, but still treading with some fashion caution. Not too cringe, but not too safe.
I must say, I LOVE these (particularly the Christmas present H&M number) so I surprised myself when I chose the Next knit I did. I am usually all over sequins at Christmas time, and who can ignore a sequin Christmas tree, brightly If that Christmas feel is really on the go, why not sport some sequin portraits of Mr Clause himself?

I would love to know what you think of my Christmas jumper edit? Do you own any of these, or which are your favourites? Don’t forget to connect with me across all my social media channels, and I look forward to sharing my next post with you very soon. Hint, more Christmas wish lists!

Much love,

Thursday 10 December 2015

Burberry Oxblood Lip Velvet


As a pale skinned girl with dark hair, I tend to be really drawn to bright or dark lipsticks, over shades which are more neutral. I love a key focal point in my makeup, and what easier way is there to achieve this, than to slick on your favourite lip colour.
As the models sashayed down the Burberry SS16 Catwalk, along with the wonderful clothes came a typically British, easy going, yet beautiful makeup look created by Wendy Rowe. Mirroring the embellishment in the collection, Wendy wanted to also use a lip shade that embellished the girl’s makeup look. This look was otherwise very natural, and “good to go,” but then Burberry’s Lip Velvet Lipstick in Oxblood made a dramatic appearance. 

This dark, matte lipstick comes imprinted with the signature Burberry check, in keeping with the cases elegant design. The formula of this warm toned berry shade is creamy, yet soft with a great wear time. This lipstick lasts on me for around 8 hours, and even lasted me through a potential Saturday afternoon latte & cake treat. Even when worn without lipliner. 

The pigmentation of this Lip Velvet formula was the reason I chose it over the sheer toned lustre of Lip Mist. The semi-matte finish prevents this from being completely drying on the lips, and stops lips   from looking flat and without dimension (because nobody wants that). Also, it means a hassle free application, with none of the dragging you sometimes can find with matte lipsticks from other brands. This offering certainly lives up to Burberry's claims of an "elegant and bold full coverage in just one stroke.” I usually don’t have the time or patience to spend a long time layering and blotting, layering and blotting - so quick and striking is definitely more fitting to my routine. 

At first, I expected the colour to be similar to the Burgundy shades I already own. MAC’s Rebel is completely different, as it's much more purple, even with a hint of a magenta. L’Oreal’s Mon Jules is much closer, but still too purple and the formula lacks the even application of the Burberry. 

This is an expensive little lipstick, at £23 for a mere 3.5g, and it was much smaller than I initially expected. BUT, good things sometimes come in small packages & because this is such a beautiful, well formulated lipstick that didn’t hinder me as I rushed my way through Heathrow’s Duty Free.

Although part of the SS16 collection (but yes, it is permanently available) I’m wearing it already. My bets are, that whatever beautiful makeup that Christopher & Wendy pair for AW16, I’ll be wanting to wear it.  Oxblood has set the bar high, and I can’t wait for future collections. 

It may not be the best, but here’s my compulsory little snap of Oxblood against my fair, but warm toned skin.

 I’d love to know your thoughts on these, if you’ve used Burberry Beauty before, or if it’s a lipstick you’ve got your eye on. 
I’m just saying, but wouldn’t this be a nice little gift to open on Christmas day? Get your hint list at the ready, ladies!

Much love,

Thursday 12 November 2015

Jo Malone: Nectarine Blossom & Honey

We all know about the power of scent. Good, or bad, it immediately casts our mind away to our likes & dislikes, or to the people, places and memories that we hold dear. There’s no doubt it’s a powerful, and amazing sense. 

And if your anything like me, we all know how picky we can be about those that we do & don’t like. Hence, I have such a small collection of perfumes - I much prefer to go for quality over quantity, and stick to a signature family of fragrances. My first proper perfume was Chlo√®, and 7 years later remains my firm daily favourite. Albeit, with the odd rotation with Chanel Mademoiselle, Miss Dior Cherie & even M&S Autograph Rosie. All firmly very rose based, light floral scents which brings me to the focus of this latest post. I even surprised myself & I branched out to purchase a scent which is  oh so fruity!

Succulent nectarine, peach and cassis and delicate spring flowers melt into the note of acacia honey. Sweet and delightfully playful

Well let me tell you, Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne is all kinds of wonderful, and   the power of scent I began chatting about? Oh wow, I immediately smelt this and absolutely loved it. I had stayed away from fruity scents for a long time, constantly reminding me of early teen & high school days (everyone remember Next’s Paradise Eau De Toilette?!).

But this is grown up fruity, & despite the honey notes not sickly at all, despite my initial expectations. The top notes of Cassis helps to maintain a slight sharpness to the scent to prevent this becoming sickly sweet, but the heart (honey) and base (nectarine) notes are the ones worth paying most real attention to. 

To me, nectarine is such an unusual scent for a fruity perfume, but I’m so glad this scent steers away from the sharp citrusy fruits. Nectarine gives a deliciously sweet, yet soft note while the honey smells just incredible & ’soft' - and again, isn’t at all overpowering.
The wear time on this is one of the best I’ve experienced, I sprayed this on 9 1/2 hours ago  & I can still get a hint of the nectarine base notes!

Considering this is my first venture down the rabbit hole of Jo Malone perfumes (already have a list of others I want in my life, and there’s so many to choose from) after a relatively short shopping trip at Heathrow airport, I’m extremely glad I picked this beauty up. I remained sensible and purchased the 30ml version, which turns out to be perfect for travelling & always remaining on hand in my bag.
As for which are next? Wild Bluebells and Earl Grey & Cucumber are next on the list! All in due time, eventually they’ll hopefully also join my little, but prudently selected collection.

Are you a Jo Malone fan, & which favourites of yours should I be checking out next?!