Thursday 17 December 2015


With Christmas just right around the corner, pretty much literally, you might think I’m a little late to the game with this latest edit.
But if your like me, you maybe have only just finished your Christmas shopping, forget having them all wrapped and ready. You're may also be waiting tentatively for one very key present to arrive in the post, after a 1am realisation it was a) not even ordered, and then, b) realising it’s not coming from within the UK. Great work, Rachel, but I severely digress.

Along with all the Christmas shopping, I decided that 2015 was the year for a new and improved Christmas jumper. My good little Primark ‘Happy Hollydays’ jumper has had it’s good time, but it’s time to shake things up a little. With the Christmas novelty jumper market exploding every single festive season, the once dimly viewed tacky jumper is now a novelty of which we have an endless choice.

So before you go running out the door to your nearest shopping centre, how about I give you a little run-down of my favourites for 2015, and a little sneak at the newest member to my knitwear collection? The “tacky jumper” look doesn’t float everyone’s boat (ahem, not mine) so I’ve carefully curated a selection for those who love it, but also for those who want to join in the jumper fun with their style credentials remaining firm. 

But who am I kidding? I love a scattering of sequins - so why don’t we start here... The first to catch my eye this season was this stylish, navy Bauble number from Warehouse. It has plenty suggestion of festive fun, while perfect for the conscious fashionista. Were it not for the fact I couldn’t find this in my size in Aberdeen, this would have been this years sweater of choice. 

The Oxblood shade of this ASOS embellished jumper is very 2015, but give me a sequin & beaded sweater with presents, robins & holly & you have my attention. H&M’s offering this year seems to be amazing, but unfortunately none were available in my ‘local’ store. Red & Gold always remains classic, and if I’d wanted to go for matching couple - the penguin would have been mine to compliment my boyfriends new Next penguin number. He’s been almost too keen this year for matching couple sweaters. Maybe next year, Honey....

Keeping away from all things sparkly, is a good ol’ fashioned knit. But by no means a boring, as almost everywhere you turn you can pick up ones which are so cute & festive! Knitted pattern Christmas jumpers have a lovely homely, home-made feeling to them, and less high street fashion which at times is just so appealing

My jumper of choice for 2015 is the Candy Cane Navy Knit by Next (above), which is so cosy - and different to any other jumper I own. As much as it will be reserved for Christmas time only, I’m looking forward to give this one it’s first outing in the next few days!
If my fairisle inspired choice is too on the tradiitonal side for you, these Camel, Penguin & Gingerbread couple knits will not disappoint, and are the perfect Christmas anecdote for your wardrobe. 

And now, a selection for those of you who’s ‘go big or go home’ attitude especially applies to your Christmas jumper, but still treading with some fashion caution. Not too cringe, but not too safe.
I must say, I LOVE these (particularly the Christmas present H&M number) so I surprised myself when I chose the Next knit I did. I am usually all over sequins at Christmas time, and who can ignore a sequin Christmas tree, brightly If that Christmas feel is really on the go, why not sport some sequin portraits of Mr Clause himself?

I would love to know what you think of my Christmas jumper edit? Do you own any of these, or which are your favourites? Don’t forget to connect with me across all my social media channels, and I look forward to sharing my next post with you very soon. Hint, more Christmas wish lists!

Much love,

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