Thursday 7 April 2016


I love the change that Spring indicates. Along with the change of season, the change of attitude in the fashion and beauty world too. The mood feels lighter, brighter and in a way - much more natural. 

Let’s not get me wrong here, I’m the biggest advocate for a wintery, deep berry lip & makeup look. In fact, I can’t keep myself away from them all year round. But in a recent perusal around the Aberdeen MAC store, I was glad to find some bright, spring-like colours  which caught my attention well and truly.

Firstly, as always there’s a lipstick. I cannot keep myself away! I love lipstick. Glosses and long hair often result in a gooey mess, so they’re all liquid, wet lip product a no go. (There’s always an exception, hello Illamasqua’s liquid lipsticks...)
The shade that caught my attention was Captive, how ironic... and it’s a very ‘me’ style nude. Because of my pale skin tone, I really cannot pull off too light a nude lip, so always tend to learn towards berry, slightly purple tones.

Although this is a satin formula, I wouldn’t say it’s like my other satin’s (like Hot Tahiti), and I actually find it leans more matte as once it’s on, this is on. When it eventually fades, after 8hrs or so, it does leave such a lovely stain. The MAC assistant recommended pairing it with ‘Currant’ liner, which in my honest opinion could be far too dark if applied too harshly. But with a light skilled hand and then blended out with a lip brush - you have the perfect base for this colour. It compliments the lipstick’s purpley tones well, and feathering the edges slightly gives a modern, slightly lived in feel rather than a harsh edged line. Anything that makes a lip colour more wearable during the day is a complete win in my book.
 If  the colour of Currant (pictured below) is too bold for you, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Soar instead. I'm so glad I got a hold of this months before it became the it MAC Liner to own. If you can get your pretty paws on this liner, I fully recommend! I do love the quality and finish of the MAC liners, and Soar is a fabulous 'my lips, but way better' shade for day or evening.

And finally,  MAC Beauty Powder in Peach Sunrise, a product which I have never purchased before.  I am familiar with MAC MSF's, but I had always previously passed on the beauty powder formulations. MAC suggest their beauty powder's can be used as soft blushes, finishing powders, or as highlight. 

I spotted this as part of their recent Faeries Whispers collection, and it was originally the much lighter 'Sparkling Rose' BP which I intended to purchase. But then, I fell in love with Peach Sunrise instead, as it's like nothing else in my blush/highlighter collection. 
I have been using this as a highlighter product, and with the lovely peachy golden hue it gives a natural glow of warmth to the skin. I would also use this light handedly as shimmer blush, particularly in the spring summer months, as this is stunning when caught in natural light. 
I don't know anyone who would pass up on a "lit from within glow," so I'll get so much use from this, as it does precisely that. The peach base translates onto the skin very well, so also a great product to lightly give colour which enhances, rather than distracts, from the rest of my look.  I would keep light handed with this to achieve that light glow, especially when worn with my HG blush, Maxfactor's creme puff blush in Nude Mauve. 

What's your thoughts on these products? And please do comment below with your favourite products for a natural beauty, Spring inspired look!

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