Tuesday 17 May 2016


Well, that is a name and a half for a liquid lippy isn't it? I'm not entirely sure where 'Ultra HD Matte' came from, but when I noticed a 3 for 2 in my local Boots, I couldn't help but pick up two! These liquid lipsticks were launched in the UK during March, so are still relatively new to their range. It does make a welcome addition to their previous range of glosses, traditional lipsticks and lip butters. And being such a liquid lipstick fan girl, how could I pass up giving them a try?

I've seen these products floating around the blogosphere, and although my local Boots has a disappointing range of shades, I still found two that I wanted to try out. In all honesty, Revlon are not a brand I've ever used until earlier this year, when I per chance picked up the aforementioned Colourstay Foundation. Then it became the lip butter (Red Velvet is gooooooorgeous... as worn in this Instagram shot), the classic Black Cherry lipstick, the liquid concealer & now these matte liquid lipsticks. 

The first shade I picked up was this nudey-peachy shade called Flirtation. I actually had to visit the  (very slow!) Revlon site to get the names of these colours. The labels I found a bit useless, as I couldn't make out a name from them. There's no way of using the product without removing said label, there's no note elsewhere of the shade name for future reference.
I'm not sure if I'm 100% sold on this colour for me, just yet.  I tend to go for bold shades as I have such pale skin, apart from my beloved MAC Mehr (which is so under hyped) or my YSL Voluptè Shine in No.09. I'm pretty certain Flirtation is the same shade that blogger Estee Lalonde mentioned in a vlog on Youtube, and the below red on her blog too. 

Aside from the uncertainty towards this shade, what stood out to me was how well they lasted. I found Flirtation liked to sink into the fine lines of my lips, but was really buttery soft to apply and so highly pigmented. This swatch shows just one layer of application, so I think that gives some pretty great coverage to my naturally pigmented lips. One thing I noted though was the over-powering scent. If you don't like strongly scented products, these unfortunately won't be for you. Strong scented makeup, especially lip products, give me a bad headache and this unfortunately did that initially.  It didn't linger for too long though and once this dried, a lovely matte finish, no scent with great colour payoff and longevity. 

My favourite of the two shades, however (of course) was this wonderful blue-toned red shade called Passion. Perfect for any other pale skin princesses out there!
Now this one I kept on all day after photographing these swatches, and was blown away by the results. As with the previous shade, a beautiful matte colour but without the same sinking into the fine lines. Perhaps the deeper colour makes it less noticeable? I applied this at about 2pm, and I still had  full on lip colour left at midnight. And being a Saturday afternoon, I had had coffee, cake, more coffee, dinner - and even more coffee... To me, that's some good staying power. It felt comfortable too, unlike other matte products I have read about and tried. No chapped, uncomfortable lips over here thank you! So that's a major plus in my books, especially as it managed to last so long - why should we sacrifice comfort for longevity?

Which colour do you prefer? I'd love for you to comment below with your thoughts/ experiences with this product, it's always so nice to hear from you all!
If you fancy trying out these lipsticks, they're available from Boots for a bargain £6.99 each. 

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful pictures Rach! I need to get that red shade, so gorgeous x

  2. I actually love both these shades on you! The more orangey one looks stunning on you ... So perfect for spring ! I have to pick some of these up!