Thursday 12 November 2015

Jo Malone: Nectarine Blossom & Honey

We all know about the power of scent. Good, or bad, it immediately casts our mind away to our likes & dislikes, or to the people, places and memories that we hold dear. There’s no doubt it’s a powerful, and amazing sense. 

And if your anything like me, we all know how picky we can be about those that we do & don’t like. Hence, I have such a small collection of perfumes - I much prefer to go for quality over quantity, and stick to a signature family of fragrances. My first proper perfume was Chlo√®, and 7 years later remains my firm daily favourite. Albeit, with the odd rotation with Chanel Mademoiselle, Miss Dior Cherie & even M&S Autograph Rosie. All firmly very rose based, light floral scents which brings me to the focus of this latest post. I even surprised myself & I branched out to purchase a scent which is  oh so fruity!

Succulent nectarine, peach and cassis and delicate spring flowers melt into the note of acacia honey. Sweet and delightfully playful

Well let me tell you, Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne is all kinds of wonderful, and   the power of scent I began chatting about? Oh wow, I immediately smelt this and absolutely loved it. I had stayed away from fruity scents for a long time, constantly reminding me of early teen & high school days (everyone remember Next’s Paradise Eau De Toilette?!).

But this is grown up fruity, & despite the honey notes not sickly at all, despite my initial expectations. The top notes of Cassis helps to maintain a slight sharpness to the scent to prevent this becoming sickly sweet, but the heart (honey) and base (nectarine) notes are the ones worth paying most real attention to. 

To me, nectarine is such an unusual scent for a fruity perfume, but I’m so glad this scent steers away from the sharp citrusy fruits. Nectarine gives a deliciously sweet, yet soft note while the honey smells just incredible & ’soft' - and again, isn’t at all overpowering.
The wear time on this is one of the best I’ve experienced, I sprayed this on 9 1/2 hours ago  & I can still get a hint of the nectarine base notes!

Considering this is my first venture down the rabbit hole of Jo Malone perfumes (already have a list of others I want in my life, and there’s so many to choose from) after a relatively short shopping trip at Heathrow airport, I’m extremely glad I picked this beauty up. I remained sensible and purchased the 30ml version, which turns out to be perfect for travelling & always remaining on hand in my bag.
As for which are next? Wild Bluebells and Earl Grey & Cucumber are next on the list! All in due time, eventually they’ll hopefully also join my little, but prudently selected collection.

Are you a Jo Malone fan, & which favourites of yours should I be checking out next?! 


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