Thursday 17 September 2015


It’s been forever since I purchased anything by Barry M, probably about 6/7 years, when I was working my first job - as a weekend Beauty Specialist in Superdrug!

I have been eyeing up some of the more neutral Barry M shades for a while in Boots (Sorry, Superdrug, but Boots points are precious...) since my favourite ‘My Vampire is Buff’ by OPI died a long and gloopy death - rendering it completely unusable. Although there always seems to be a trend for paler nails, I find them universally flattering & perfect with every  possible outfit. 

Let me introduce you to two new shades in two different formulas: Speedy & Gelly, and at £3.99 each these are so affordable.

Pitstop (Left) & Coconut (Right)

The speedy dry formula’s are instantly recognisable by their racing flag lids. Something which at first I absolutely hated, but really - it’s only a minor aesthetic preference. The colour I have here, ‘Pitstop,’ a lovely, light pastel grey with the lightest lilac touch, depending on the light. I suggest at least 2 coats of this formula, plus my favourite Essie topcoat. 
I had low expectations of it really performing as a fast drying formula, but this is the fastest drying polish I have used! Perfect for girls like me, who always seem to paint my nails late in the evening - right before going to sleep. 

Despite it being a fast drying formula, you should always leave a minimum of 2mins between applications, to allow the chemicals to evaporate. You don’t want to quickly slap on a second coat, for chemicals to try evaporate through & bubble up your beautiful mani!

The Gelly polish I bought was ‘Coconut,’ a nice neutral creamy/ white shade. Not sure I agree that it looks like a gel polish, so I would recommend 2 coats plus a topcoat. And, plenty drying time - especially compared to the Speedy formulas.

Out of the two polishes, Pitstop is the one I have worn most. Such a versatile colour which gets many compliments, although Coconut is a much creamier, brighter & fresher shade.

My only gripe with these though, is that after wearing  consistently for pretty much a week and a half - my nails are weakening and lightly chipping at the edges. On ALL of my nails - not a great look for the nails you work so hard to keep strong! This isn’t something I’ve found when wearing brands like OPI, Chanel, Essie etc. But, maybe my fault for wearing these so intensively in the first place!

Let me know if you’ve tried these & what your thoughts are - or which other colours I should add to my collection ;)

Until next time,


  1. Lovely colors but I wish you'd include a pic of them on your hands. They definitely look pretty so far! Too bad they chip though.

  2. I managed to completely forget to include a picture of that, didn’t I?! Thanks for reminding me - keep an eye on my Instagram for one soon.

    Loving reading your blog by the way!

    Rachel x

  3. Those colours are gorgeous and the way you've photographed them against that deep wood is lovely!
    I've found I've had to top coat most varnishes I buy recently, they just don't have the shine or durability to keep up.

    Erica x

  4. Oh I love these colours, especially coconuts! I think I might even go and buy that, it's such a beautiful shade xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  5. I like the collection or colors you select. lets have a look that I've.
    lisa // unze London