Wednesday 10 June 2015


The morning we visited the Old Medina it was windy, and the temperature had dropped, so Paul suggested this might be a good time to go for an explore around the old town.
And I'm glad we did, what a lovely little wander we had. Like Sidi Bou Said, the whole place felt quite Mediterranean & I'm sure that's just stating the obvious - you can get that from just the pictures.  

The Medina is a fort on the sea, in the middle of old town Hammamet & was where  all the residents traditionally used to live, with about 14 people to one small house! There are still plenty residents still there, and they're so friendly & willing to share the history of the place and their homes. 

At the hotel though, we had been warned that although there are plenty genuine people, to watch out for those who pretend to be our waiters/ hotel staff to befriend you. I suppose it's clever that they recognise your hotel wristband really, but luckily we didn't have a problem with this - just street sellers who want to sell you everything & love the fact you're British.

Or, they hear you're Scottish and note "Scottish people are always skint." Smart. 
Or the men tried to buy you in exchange for camels. For much more camels than you see casually wandering around - so not quite sure how well that works out for them! Luckily, all the offers gave us plenty to laugh about over lunch, how exactly do you get 50,000 camels home to Scotland & how do you break the news to my family you've left me in Tunisia for some smelly Camels?!

A bit more attractive than Camels, the offer was put out there for 2 Ferrari's instead. 

To be on the safe side, I gave him a good glare just to make sure he rejected that offer pretty swiftly, I know how much this man appreciates a good car. And, to politely remind him they'd definitely put him over his luggage allowance for the plane...

Like Sidi, there was very much a blue & white theme to the town - not as much, but definitely a theme. And, as expected, the place was adorned with beautiful colour, paintings & decoration. 
I, unintentionally, was blending in quite well. 

Cactus goals.

Again, another photo heavy post, but another post I've been looking forward to sharing with you all! So many beautiful things to take pictures of, how could I not get snap happy?

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  1. Tunisia looks beaut, as do you! I also started a little Travel Diaries post too, such a good idea!

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