Wednesday 3 June 2015

Travel Diaries #1: Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said

How beautiful is Sidi Bou Said?!

If you've been following my latest adventures across on Facebook & Instagram (If not, there's a hint and a half ;) ) you'll know that last week I was on holiday in Hammamet, Tunisia with my boyfriend. It was nice to go away & have a break as a little celebration of all our work & the changes we've had in the past year. We've both graduated, he's now finished his legal diploma (& gets to graduate again!), I'm in my first fashion graduate role, he's secured his legal traineeship with a firm in Aberdeen. So, before he gets into the world of law, we decided a nice last minute holiday would be just what he/ we needed!

As much as I enjoy simply sitting in the sun, hoping my pale skin turns into a lovely golden colour, Paul loves a bit of history, so we took the opportunity to do some adventuring around Tunisia. We visited some absolutely stunning, photogenic places but since I am too snap happy, I can't fit everything into one post, so this is #1 Travel Diaries series for Tunisia. It would be a shame not to share these beautiful places with you! Bias as I may be towards anything artistic, visiting the pretty town of Sidi Bou Said was one of my favourites of the entire holiday.

    Paul & the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea! 

Considering I was in the North of Africa, I felt transported right the heart of the Mediterranean. The town is famous for it's crisp white & blue buildings, which are absolutely spectacular & so striking.
I was enchanted by just how beautiful the place is, and all the intricate detailing found in the architecture and design of the village. Thankfully, the residents are so used to tourists being there & it was lovely to just freely wander around the town & happily stumble across many beautiful houses and quiet corners. 

 I've never been so interested by doors and latticed windows in all my days. But just look at the beautiful blue doors, each one individual in their design and they bring such a unique aesthetic to the town. This theme was supposedly introduced to Sidi Bou Said in the 1920's by French Artist, Rodolph d'Erlanger when he was a resident here. 
When we asked one of the locals, he explained that the doors are all individually designed - and often feature designs such as fish & fatima hands, as these are said to bring luck & happiness, as well as religious symbols. However, we did stumble across a rebellious yellow door - which I think is just gorgeous too.  Why are we not this courageous with colour in Scotland?!

 As a home for artists and creatives too, by simply walking around there is such an artistic & creative vibe, with the main street lined with stalls of beautiful food, ceramic & jewellery. I did dabble in a bit of bartering (my boyfriends lawyer nature came in handy during negotiations..) & I bought a lovely Tunisian, hand painted ornamental ceramic bowl & plate which are to become my new jewellery holders. Keep watch for these across on my instagram, they are stunning & only cost me the equivalent of £13 or so which I think is not too bad. 

Although I took so many more photos than these few, and these don't completely capture the full beauty of the place, I hope it gives you just a glimpse of how beautiful it is!

I would love for you to share your thoughts below, & if you have been here before?


  1. absolutely love it!! so gorgeous <3 This place looks so good!! <3

    1. Thank you for your comment Marissa :) If you ever go to Tunisia, you must visit here! It's x1000 more beautiful than I could possibly capture <3

      Rachel x

  2. Pictures look gorgeous Rachel as do you! More holiday snaps please :)

    1. Thanks babes! Just you wait, there are more Tunisia posts to come ;) X