Wednesday 21 January 2015

Ciatè: Pillow Fight

Main Colour: Ciatè Pillow Talk
Half Moon Accent: Chanel Atmosphère.
Base Coat: Essie First Base Coat
Top Coat: Essie Super Duper Top Coat

I've been looking for a lovely hued grey polish for a wee while now, and I found the perfect one in Boots this weekend. Introducing Pillow Fight, by Ciaté.

Not your classic grey tone, this is a lovely grey with a lilac hint which Ciaté claim is 'innocent looking with an edge.' I think I can get on board with that -  look at how beautiful it is! I like the feminine edge the purple gives, although I admit that purple is not usually a colour which catches my attention or that I ever wear!  In person, the polish looks much less purple than it does in my pictures above, it changes quite drastically in different lights which is beautiful, but makes it difficult to photograph! The photos of my nails were taken outdoors, just before sunset on a grey day which perfectly compliments the cool tones. 
I am a big Ciatè fan despite only owning a couple of their polishes. I find their formula just great, no streaks and quick drying time - all a bonus, because let's be real, what woman ever likes the  'I can't do anything yet, my nails are still wet' stage?! I thought so, ladies. 

Pillow Fight has a creme consistency which applies beautifully, and is opaque in two coats as shown above. It has a glossy finish and shine, which helps give the effect achieved by using a gel polish due to the creme consistency. With no streaking either, what's not to love, simply apply your favourite top coat and you're hot to trot!

I was feeling more ambitious than sporting one sole shade, so after applying Pillow Talk I decided I actually wanted a half moon mani. My lack of forward planning meant my usual half moon method was out of the window (FYI I usually use hole punch reinforcers & apply the 'moon' colour first) so I had to attempt it freehanded. Risky, I know but I think I've managed to pull it off pretty well? I fancied a bit of contrast so went with Chanel's lovely duo-chrome Atmosphère, from their A/W14 'Etats Poetiques' collection (read my full review here). I think the nude/pink/purple is really flattering, and helps liven up this link a little. Who doesn't love a bit of shimmer, and extra metallic shine? Now this combination definitely catches my attention!

I know I have so many photos in this post, but how could I not? What do you all this of this look, and who else is a big Ciatè fan?

Much love,


  1. Wow this is so pretty, SO in love with it! I wish I wasn't so lazy when it comes to taking care of my nails!

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