Monday 26 January 2015

Red & Cherry

Incase you've never noticed, I'm a major fan of bright lipsticks. Red lips are a particular favourite of mine,  yet up until now I've only had one red in amongst my stashes & stashes of makeup. 
That one would be the lovely 'Runaway Red,' a limited edition MAC lipstick which I purchased in 2012, during a visit to Selfridges - naturally.            
RR has a lovely satin finish, and is of a blue-red tone which works well with my slightly golden fair skin, and my naturally contrasting very dark brown hair.  I've loved this lipstick so much, that on a weekend in Aberdeen last week - I went into MAC to find myself a replacement, in a bid to delay to inevitable finishing of RR. 

Considering I'm as fussy as I am, it didn't take me long to find the perfect new shade (and I mean, 10mins tops), and I was even in & out of MAC with my three impulse purchases before my boyfriend made it round Jack & Jones. UNHEARD OF. 
My chosen beauty is MAC Red, another blue-red which seems to be an unsung hero of MAC's vast lipstick collection, hiding under the shadows and popularity of the cult reds Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo or Russian Red (all matte shades).

As much as I love matte lipsticks right now  (particularly MAC's Mehr which is my current go to shade - with that 90's feel that is oh so current) I want my reds to have that beautiful, sleek finish, so I stayed matte clear. MAC Red is another satin finish so it applies easily, beautifully and with amazing pigmentation. I just love how striking a colour this is, again against my pale skin and dark hair - this is a colour I will even love to wear casually during the day, to pack a little punch to my makeup & outfit choices! I purchased the pencil liner in Cherry to help define this lipstick, although I already own Brick for RR, I felt I may aswell invest in the liner which properly matches my new colour. 

I shall love & leave you with a couple images of how this looks on me. Excuse the lighting making this look more pink toned, but it really is the red which I have managed to capture above!

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried it or are the other MAC red shades more up your street? Let me know! 

Much Love,                                      


  1. Thats such a gorgeous colour and it really suits you. My fave MAC red has to be Russian Red, mainly because I love the matte finish! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Thank you, Sarah. Russian Red is also gorgeous, I gave it a good swatch when I was shopping in MAC! Maybe next time I'll purchase it ;) X