Monday 23 December 2013

A/W 2013 Beauty Haul: Mac + Chanel.


Lipstick - Mac 'Rebel'
Blush - Mac 'Breezy'
Eyeshadow - Mac 'Star Violet (Deluxe Pearl)
Nail Varnish - Chanel 'Vertigo'

I'm embarrassed that it's been so long since my latest blog post. first semester of fourth year has basically taken over my life and it's been crazy - so much work to do! So blogging has taken a major back burner. I've been taking plenty photos ready for blogging; but not had the time to actually sit down and write out this post, so bad I know!

I'm home for the Christmas holidays now, which will be lovely even though it will still be jammed pack with work to do. So I would say I have a bit more time to blog, but we'll see how that one goes!

Here's a wee haul of my recently purchased beauty products, mainly MAC (as ever) from my trips to Edinburgh and from the new store opening in Union Square, Aberdeen. I'm still amazed at myself that I have only bought the MAC Rebel lipstick (as pictured above) from the store so far, despite numerous trips in to do some swatching!
I think it goes without saying that I am in love with berry / purple toned makeup for this Winter; even though purples are not a colour I'm particularly partial to, but these pieces I have been using ever since I bought them. And you can see me showing off the eyeshadow below!
I love this for a bit of colour when I'm wearing a plain and not too colourful outfit, or using it as a subtle hint of colour on the bottom lash line when I don't want to use it for a more full on look. Isn't it stunning!

I actually had a new purple coloured product pop through my door this morning (cheeky YSL purchase via eBay..) which I have photographed ready to show to you all!
So will write up that post tonight so you can see it very soon!


What are your favourite trends/ products in the beauty world for this A/W? Exciting for coming up with those all important Christmas and Hogmany (or simply New Year's Eve for the non-Scot's among you!) looks.

Hope you like! 

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  1. Vertigo looks like such a lovely vampy colour! Do swatch it when you have a moment!
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