Saturday 18 January 2014

Fashion Styling Project: Burberry.

I wanted to write you all a post with a bit of a difference today, rather than doing a product review ( I have plenty goodies from the Illamasqua sale on it's way to me right now which I can't wait to share with you, and a YSL blush review..) or an outfit post; but I wanted to update you on a project I was recently working on.

As part of my 4th and final year of Fashion Management, before Christmas we were to hand in a project based around the Burberry trench coat, to style our lecturer's old coat up and organise a photo shoot! Although they involve hard work, they're pretty fun and I love doing them!

I'm so lucky to have such talented friends to have helped me out with my project, my beautiful blogger friend and model; Ashly of Ashly London (check her amazing blog out!) and my photographer Robert McAteer . I have worked with Robert before on a previous coursework fashion shoot during my second year, but this was the first time I had worked with Ashly; though with her professional modelling record she was more than qualified to help me create some amazing shots, and she definitely did. 

Ellaborating on the theme of just 'Burberry Trench Coat,' I was inspired between the merge of high fashion and street style shots, and particularly admired the photographic styling of 'The Sartorialist' in his ability to create such amazing shots of people he passes on the street. During coffee with Robert, he showed me the below image by The Sartorialist.

                                                Source: The Sartorialist 

I was so happy that Robert really understood what I was looking to recreate, and that this image really captured that essence. With a less formal, less 'static' styling which reflected the traditional Burberry colours and an almost identical location here in Aberdeen, here are some of my favourites of the shots we created!

                            Love my Mum's vintage Burberry umbrella!

    Being a good stylist and tending to my model - I love this casual, natural shot

Emulating how Christopher Bailey styles his; "in a bow, at the back"

Makeup - Yves Saint Laurent
Trench Coat - Burberry
Sheer Shirt - (Models Own)
 Jeans - Current/Elliot at Donna Ida (Models Own)
Studded Black Heels - Zara (Stylists Own)

                                                        All photographs by Robert McAteer.

Hope you  enjoyed this sneak peek into some of the work I've been up to recently, if only all coursework and dissertation writing could be this fun!
Remember to check out Ashly's blog & Robert's website; and let me know what you think of my work!

Much love, 


  1. I love these pictures Rachel, top job!

    Christy x

  2. Thanks Christy, glad you like them! :) It was a fun photoshoot :) xx