Monday 7 October 2013

Pure Spa Event

The rain was torrential and I got soaked rushing into town and into Aberdeen's Union Square after an afternoon of lectures at Uni. 
Coursework briefs and deadlines were being thrown at us as lecturers wanted to welcome (read: scare) us into the world that is 4th year.
If there was the perfect evening to go to a blogger event at PURE Spa, this was it. 
The rain had undone all my efforts to look presentable for the event, so I arrived feeling a bit rushed and scared of having my photograph taken as I was looking similar to that of a drowned rat.

Thankfully, Pure Spa was instantly warm and welcoming, as the glasses of bubbly, sushi, sandwich bites and fruit trays were waiting there for us; even if they didn't last long with me around!               

The event was based around PURE Spa's popular treatments around Christmas; and to keep with the Christmas theme, our treatments were a surprise. 
5 treatments, 5 bloggers, 5 pieces of paper. We each dipped our hand in the bag and pull out our surprise 30min treatment.
I picked out the Hot Stone Massage, and I was absolutely delighted! I have never had a professional massage before ( I know, who am I?!) and have always wanted to try out the hot stone option.
I could not have imagined a more perfect treatment to de-stress and relax me. 

Myself, Ashly & Amey were the first to receive our treatments, so were shown through to the changing rooms to change into the comfiest white robes to prepare for our treatment. This also gave us some time to relax in the Relaxation Room prior to our treatment, where it was so beautiful and atmospheric, and some more bubbly & fruit was on offer ;) 

My therapist Sarah, came to collect me and took me through to my treatment room; which as well as looking lovely and professional, the whole place smelt divine too! I love those spa scents so much.
First I received a foot massage; something I have actually always avoided as I have a bit of a thing about feet, but this was actually hugely relaxing and didn't bother me in the slightest!

Sarah was so lovely and chatty, and were never stuck for conversation throughout my 30minute treatment. It really does accentuate the experience when you feel comfortable and relaxed around the person giving the treatment, and Sarah talked me through it all, and was kind enough to pre-warn me when she was about to put the first warm stones on my back!

As simple and possibly silly this may sound, I absolutely hate being cold, so the fact that this treatment included heat meant this was completely up my street and made the session extra relaxing for me.
The Hot Stone Massage focused on various pressure points, as this helps relieve tension, stress to help relax your whole body and mind.

 The sensation of the warm basalt stones moving across my back combined with the luxurious scents of the Elemis de-stress massage oil (think Lavender, Rosewook & Chamomile) was nothing short amazing, and I would definitely have this treatment again, with no hesitation! 
I'm looking forward to picking up a bottle of this massage oil for myself. 
Sarah informed me that this is great for your skin, and explained that people are usually scared to use oils but this rubs beautifully into your skin & is also amazing when poured into a hot bath!
This sounds like the perfect way to tackle 4th year ;)

After our treatments, we were treated to a file & polish using Leighton Denny products. I have a few mini samples of their polishes and have always found them amazing to use and after the previous PURE Event feel much more educated on Leighton Denny products & brand.

I had such a lovely evening catching up with my beautiful blogger friends and testing out the treatments on offer at PURE. I definitely agree that these would be a wonderful gift around the busy Christmas time, or let's be honest - a treat for yourself at any time of the year!
Below are the links to my lovely friends' blogs, so please do go have a read - they are all amazing!

Ashly  from Ashly London
 Laura from Liparazzi
 Kirsty from Rock It Style
& Amey from Teacups & Buttondrops
(click on their names to reach their blogs!) 

Have you ever tried this treatment before, or any of PURE's massages?

To find out more about the Hot Stone Massage & all other massage treatments offered by PURE Spa, click here and find yourself on the SPA site ( which is both informational and transactional. 
Or, if you're keen to find out more via Social Media; you will find them on Twitter @PureSpa 


  1. The Hot Stone Massage sounds lovely. I have often walked past there but never went in, will have to treat myself to one I think :). Might even be peruaded to have a facial too.

    1. I was the same until relatively recently, you will be amazed with how big the Spa actually is through the back - amazing space!
      Definitely will go back as soon as I can, this 4th year Uni work is already stressing me out - perfect excuse for a nice massage I think ;) X

  2. I've still never been to a blogger event. You are very lucky! Looks relaxing and fun!

    Would appreciate if you checked my blog :)

  3. At spa I like to take hot stone massage. I think that's a perfect relaxing service. Thanks for nice post.....

    Best Day Spa