Friday 21 June 2013

Cargo Cosmetics

   Back at the start of May, I attended the Cargo Cosmetics launch in Debenhams, Aberdeen - which also happened to be the first Cargo launch in the UK! Very exciting times to be at this event, and especially for it to be in Aberdeen!

For many of you, Cargo Cosmetics might be a new name to you, but believe me - watch them closely as they grow in popularity over here in the UK after coming across from Canada and the United States. After their success across the pond, they are set to be the new favourites over here, and they regard themselves as a middle ground between M.A.C (which isn't available here in Aberdeen, always a sensitive subject!) and Bobbi Brown. However their price point is much more reasonable than both those brands considering the high quality of makeup you are receiving - £7.50 for a 4.5ml lipgloss (as in the pictures swatched below!), the water resistant blush (pictured above & reviewed below is a mere £19 for an 11g pan while their amazing mascara (seen below!) retails for only £14!

Established in 1996 by Hana Zalzal with a vision to create products which would be loved my makeup artists the world over, but still with an approachable and easy to use mix of products which would be suitable for us women in their everyday lives, Cargo has lived up to just that. Found in the makeup bag of many a makeup artist (their eyeshadows are favoured by Mario Dedivanovic, who in other words is Kim Kardashian's makeup artist  - and on that note, North West?!?! Whaaaaat!) and has over the last few months found it's way into mine.

We were all lucky enough to get the chance to play about with all the makeup, sample the products while hearing the snaps of the camera and discussion over the canopes at hand (SO YUM!) so here are some of more snaps! 

We were also lucky enough to get an amazing goody bag with some products to go away and try for ourselves! My bag consisted of

- Waterproof Blusher in Bali *
- Magic Brush (a completely amazing brush!) *
- Better Than Waterproof Mascara *
- Lipgloss in Sahara *

Since it's been roughly 7 weeks since I attended the event, this has given me plenty time to give these products a good testing so I can give them a well informed review!

Blusher & Magic Brush

(not blended)

(blended product) 

The waterproof blusher is an absolute dream product - at first, I was wary of the whole waterproof claim and the MUA's told us of how their founder first introduced the product to them by chucking it into a bowl of water to the horror of them all! Only to find that the product was completely undamaged and 100% useable!
Too scared to be quite that dramatic, I did pour some water on my product to test this and was very pleased to report no damage!

This shade is Bali, which is a Rose pink with a subtle shimmer. I usually avoid shimmer in blushers but I really love this colour, plus it's highly pigmented so has a great colour payoff and only a little bit is needed! I always use the Magic Brush for application of any of my powder cheek products, bronzer etc and it's the best powder brush I have EVER used.


Look how big this mascara makes my eyes look! And if you know me, you know I have relatively small eyes so this is very exciting for me! This did require some time and patience to achieve this full lash look - for my eyelashes personally although long, to get the best look I need to take my time and spent time dedicated to curling them to get my desired look.  Being waterproof, this baby does not budge, and although being  a contact lens wearer I usually find waterproofs to tough for my eyes to bother and bear the product removal, this is much easier to remove than other waterproofs tried (*Cough*, Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof! *Cough*).
Though once reading more into this, it's not completely waterproof - just water resistant, so no horrible smudging under light water exposure and no horrible hard removal. Perfect for me and I just love the wide eyed, long lash no clumps look it gives me. What more could a girl want?!

*Top Tip!* Always keep a dried out brush from your previous mascara handy, and use the dry brush to help seperate out your lashes - as this way you're not overloading your eyelashes with product and wasting any! *

I hope you've managed to bear with me through such a long post, but I hope that I've given you an introduction to the brand and some of their fantastic products!

Have any of you ever heard of/ used Cargo Cosmetics before and what are your thoughts? I'm always happy to hear from you all and do my best to reply!

*products in this post were gifted to me by Cargo Cosmetics, however this has not affected the honesty of my review. X


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