Tuesday 18 June 2013

Birthday Girl!


Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all fine and well!

So this isn't a review post, but a kind of what I wore/ updating you on life events style post!
On Friday I turned 21 years old ( I know, I can't quite believe it as the last few years have just flown past... especially as I realised that 3 years ago today was my prom!) and want to share with you some pictures from my celebrations!

We hired out a hall for the evening and had a ceilidh - which for those non- Scot's out there is a fantastic evening of scottish dancing! Note: not the cringey primary school dancing when no-one would pick you to me their partner (me, unfortunately!) but such a good evening of good music, and great fun!
My very talented friend Mhairi and her band were our musicians for the night, and they were absolutely amazing! A great band adds such a fantastic energy to the evening. It was amazing to have friends from different parts of my life all together for an evening, and really appreciated that they came out to celebrate with me.

The dress I wore; is the dress I almost bought for the Law Ball I was at in May, but decided against - so imagine my excitement when I was in a panic to find a great  statement dress at a good price; and realized this Oasis beauty was on sale. Such a dream! I love the beautiful floral pattern, and the thicker material meant that it was perfect for dancing in - no mishaps with floaty material here! The beaded neckline is hard to see in the above image but is so so beautiful. I did team it with a lovely necklace, forgetting that I was allergic to it - so not such a glamorous result. Hydracortizone cream; come at me!
I was bold and paired this outfit with a bolder makeup look; using my new Dior S/S13 Palette which was gifted to my by my amazing boyfriend (pictured with me above, he's gorgeous!) and a smidge of Mac's 'Im-Passioned' lipstick. I will do a review of the Dior on in the next few days to show you how stunning and versatile the palette is.

And as for my birthday cake; WOW. My little sister made this beautiful Louboutin creation for me -  and it was such a hit with everyone! Not only for looking amazing, but for tasting fabulous too! There were lots of lovely homemade cupcakes, coloured meringues which were in keeping with my pastel colour theme for the decor.



I was also a very lucky lady to receive these wonderful gifts from some of my family, a stunning Michael Kors watch from my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins which is so beautiful, and I have never seen anyone else wearing! I have had my heart set on Michael Kors' watches for many years now, and feeling very lucky to now be an owner of one! Was definitely worth waiting all those years for this perfect watch.

This beautiful Coach bag was a gift from my parents, and now officially feel like part of the Glennie family now that I own one - I was the only female not to have one! I love that this cream leather bag can go with absolutely everything, and the splash of the recognisable Coach orange gives it that POP! I will be guarding this with my life to keep clean, and will be extra vigilant with it to make sure there's no loose pens, makeup etc rolling around inside that could create havoc!

I know this is a long post, but just wanted to share some of my day with you all!

I have posted this birthday look on Lookbook.nu - so if you're there please pop across and give me a hype if you like this look, or simply leave me a comment below!

I really love hearing from my readers, and do read all my comments and aim to reply to everyone.

Much love! 


  1. Very happy belated birthday to you! Looks like you had a great time! x

  2. oh wow that is some serious cake skills! Love the dress, and beautiful presents too! Lucky lady :) x

  3. Happy belated birthday! Love your cake! xx