Saturday, 8 June 2013


Now that I'm finished with the business of Uni for the summer, I can hopefully spent a bit more time catching up on all the blogging I've missed out on recently! Which is such a shame because I've recently joined the North East Blogger Events (Scotland, in case you're wondering!) and have had the opportunities to go to some fantastic events but just haven't had the time to blog about them yet!
Though, I have some exciting product reviews from a brand called 'Cargo' who have recently launched in Debenhams, Aberdeen. At least this 'break' of sorts has given me time to try out plenty new products so that I can come to you guys with some informed, tried & tested reviews!

Back to the post at hand, this stunning emerald dress! So I bought this in Oasis, Aberdeen after a long long hunt for the perfect ball dress! I didn't want anything that looked too 'prom-esque' (that was all done and dusted almost three years ago to the day for me!)and wanted something with a bold colour, and would be right on trend. When I found this beauty, I knew it ticked all those boxes.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get photos of the back of the dress, as this is what makes it unique! It has a lower back, cut out panel with gold buttons and I think it's absolutely beautiful - and was definitely a good reason to make me stand with good posture as I didn't want it to look un-elegant.
It's hard to see in these pictures but the pleated skirt is sheer with shorter lining underneath, and not one but two splits in the dress to make it extra floaty.

It comes with a skinny belt in a matching colour and metal fastening, but to add an edge I teamed it with this (Primark!) chained belt just to make a bit more of a statement, and also to match my stunning Zara black shoes with studded heels.

My nails were painted to a half moon manicure style, using OPI's 'My Vampire is Buff' from the Euro Centrale Collection,with Chanel's Nail Vernis in 'Delight' on top. A beautiful rose-gold from last year's summer collection.

Sorry this post is so short on pictures, I was away to rephotograh my shoes to show you all - only to find that the battery has now died, I can't find my charger or the laptop case I think it's hiding away in. Good times! I hope I haven't left it in Aberdeen or that means a trip through for me this week, though that would give me a chance to pick up a dress for my  21st birthday Ceilidh which is a week today. Eeeeeek!

(Hint: For those of you who aren't Scottish and are unfamiliar with a Ceilidh, it's an evening of Scottish dancing! Along similar lines to a Barn Dance or whatever you may call it )

Hope you like this look!

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