Friday 5 July 2013

Chanel Bel-Argus



Blue, maybe not the colour you *most* associate with summer (but just think of clear blue skies, crystal like, exotic oceans and then you're on the right tracks), but this beauty here is one of the Spring/Summer 2013 Nail Colours from Chanel, and it's name is Bel-Argus.

When I went to the counter, I'd already decided that this was the shade I wanted to pick up, but I was slightly sidetracked by the other gorgeous metallic blue, the much lighter and more green toned, Azure, but I stuck with my gut instinct (and going against the boyfriends favourite!) and picked up this.

I absolutely LOVE this shade, no pictures I saw before prepared me for how beautifully metallic, and rich this colour is. I would describe it as a Metallic Sapphire blue. Now if you're looking at this and thinking "glitter, no!" don't panic! I would say this is more small particles of shimmer rather than glitter and it truly gives a beautiful, and different shade for your nails this summer. Here I have on 3 thin coats, not that three is needed - this is pretty much due to my laziness as I couldn't be bothered removing it all to paint it all afresh so I just decided to give it a thin top up! I was really impressed with the drying time on this polish, very quick I thought and even with getting back to usual duties reasonably soon after painting I haven't damaged, scratched or dented the polish yet! (Note: This is a rarity for me!) Also, in the images you have here, a top coat had not been applied yet - just to show you the natural shine the polish gives. However, I do always recommend applying a topcoat to avoid damage and my favourite is the OPI Top Coat - even if I hate the smell!

Picture this with a cool, laid back look - Dark Sunglasses on, paired with a loose white tee and statement necklace to add some casual glamour to your favourite shorts and sandals ... Or having this shade gracing your perfectly manicured fingernails, dressed up in a gorgeous sundress sporting a (brave) yet matching  blue eye look which is ever so popular this season. So many ways to wear it, and I can see this being a summer staple for me!

I took these photos outside in natural light to try and give you images that were as true as I could get them, and I've not needed to do any retouching! Because this shade has some duo-chromatic qualities, it does really change all the time and keep things unique!

Hope you like!


  1. That colour is seriously amazing, I was wondering how do bloggers in aberdeen get together?

    1. I love it too - such a beautiful unique shade :)There's a new blogger network called 'North East Blogger Events' set up by Laura Murphy of Liparazzi ( and if you were to send her an email (which is on the Facebook page, and I'm sure she'll happily get you all linked up!

      Everyone's really lovely, and the events Laura's organised are always amazing - so look forward to seeing you at some soon! :) XX

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it! :) Look forward to reading more from your blog X