Monday 17 December 2012

How To: Glitter Polish Removal

Every girl loves a bit of glitter, especially on their nails for the Christmas season (nothing better than a magical looking manicure!) but we also know, that it's a DREADED moment when it is time to take it off, and it somehow manages to fizzle out all that joy you felt looking at your beautiful sparkly nails!

But, do not be afraid! (looks like I'm pulling out all the Christmas quotes today!)
It CAN be easily removed without you vowing to never wear glitter polish ever again... and I'm going to take you through my step by step guide of how to do just that! 

First off, the glitter polish I was wearing was Models Own 'Silver Fox' as pictured below.

Now, I was wearing one coat of this as this was dense enough for what I needed to be honest, plus it was a quick before I go out the door job before my work's Christmas doo last weekend - which was very lovely and posh!
It's not too horrible a glitter, and the glitter pieces are reletavely small and are definitely not horrible big chunky sequin like pieces - yes, I'm looking at you Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' - it's my worn once wonder.
But still, it's glitter so still by its very nature not easy to remove.. so here are my steps to perfectly clean glitter free nails, in 5 minutes!



Yes, with some hot water (not too boiling!) fill up a bowl and put your bottle of polish remover in for a few minutes, just to give it a warm.
TIP: I would loosen the lid of your remover before you do this, just so that when it warms up your not getting too much pressure built up inside or any liquid squirting out at you! That was my first mistake!


Get your cotton wool/ cotton pads and put on your nail varnish remover as normal (reminder, the liquid will be thinner because it's heated!) and put one pad around each nail, and leave for about 5 mins!
This will let the remover soak into the nailpolish, and it makes it much easier to remove than rubbing it on top of the polish - rubbing glitter is not a great idea! Stressful and can damage your nails.


Once your 5 minutes are up, you're good to take off your nail polish!
The picture you see above was the removal I got with just one firm wipe of the nail with the cotton pad, and you can see that almost all the nail varnish just simply came off!
But it really doesn't take much effort at all, and is so much easier than trying to scrub the glitter off without soaking them first!

Now your nails are perfectly glitter free, it's time to paint them all over again! ;)

Hope you found this tutorial useful, I love finding little handy tips and tricks and passing them onto others - so here's one for everyone to make use of !

Also, have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all soon,
Much love,


  1. Great advice, I always dread taking off glitter polish. Will defo be using this in the future :) x

  2. Thank you Mellissa! It's definitely one of the best tricks I've come across lately, glitter can be such a pain! And now we can remove it carefree!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas, xxx

  3. This is very handy, bloody hate getting glitter nail polish off ;)

    Kylie x