Tuesday 21 August 2012

Purple Galaxies

Denim Jacket - Matalan
Galaxy Tee - Matalan
White Rose Necklace - H&M
Pale Purple Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Velvet Studded Flats - Matalan
Nails - Models Own Balearic Cool

 So yesterday I moved some stuff from home to my new flat for after the summer - so looking forward to living in my lovely new flat! It's so nice and bright, and a finally have a room which gives me plenty room to move around in! 

This is what I wore for a casual day shifting things from flat to flat and lunching and shopping in Aberdeen -  and all has been bought in the last few weeks - and all such bargains which make it even better! And I'm loving every single piece right now and plan to make good use of them all, and finally my denim jacket as it's been something that's been so clearly missing from my wardrobe - such a versatile piece, definitely an investment!

I should apologise for being so bad at posting over this summer, getting a new extention on my house and had my sister living in my room for a while which meant no room to even move let alone have my camera tripod set up to take photo's of my outfits :( But since my room has not yet been knocked down and only three weeks till I officially move back to Aberdeen into a flat with plenty room for blog photo's - so it will definitely be much more convenient for me to get back to regular blogging! I promise I'm going to make an extra special effort to keep my blog regularly updated! :)

Also been recently having a major dilemma over what to do with my hair. It's currently ombre'd (kind of hard to see in the above photo's) and I've had it like this so I'm tempted to put it all back to my natural colour (which is the dark brown colour you see above) and get rid of the ombre, though I'm in a dilemma over how to do it - do I buy a matching dye and just dye the ombre'd part because I'm to scared to dye it all over? Or do I ombre it one more time while I can still get away with the trend - plus, the last time it was dyed was in February! Bad Rachel...

Looking forward to getting your advice! What should I do??

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Much love,


  1. wow that shirt look so cool! I love your nail color XD <3

  2. Your fashion suits your pretty face! love it! btw i followed you hope u can also follow me back


  3. I love the galaxy print:)


  4. Very pretty!
    nice blog, follow each other?
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    1. Thank you ! I am following you, left you a comment on your blog :)

  5. Thank you so much!!! now following you :)