Friday 13 July 2012

The Outfit Dilemma


Two weeks today, I'll be in Shetland for the wedding of two friends from University - it's very exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, even though the main question will be 'What will Fiona's dress be like?!' Gorgeous I'm sure :)
So, why the post? Well as the wedding draws nearer, it's means that the pressure is on to be buying up my outfit. Now, the key concern (i.e the dress!) is already checked off my list as I bought it for dual occassion - for a University Ball back in March and for this wedding (please don't shoot me for wearing the same dress twice... I love this one!). But what I don't want is to wear the dress the exact same way, twice. Especially since this will be the only other time I have worn it. The dress is the Oasis Lexi with lace detailing.

So I'm in an accessory dilemma -  I love, and need, my accessories to complete all my outfits as I'm sure every other fashionista does too.
Nothing in my wardrobe is inspiring me much at the moment, my high heel collection is definitely needing replacing and adding to so I think a nice new pair of heels will be in order. But colours, styles, guys what do I buy?!
And this dress doesn't really allow for much jewellery, a statement necklace is out of the window. So it's rings, bracelet or statement earrings.
Makeup, hair?! You can see why I'm asking for some opinions/thoughts of others to give me some more inspiration. I want to avoid nude heels for some reason, probably because I wore them for the ball (see in my picture above with the boys how I wore for the ball!) and I bought a new M.A.C Lipstick last week, MAC Impassioned, a stunning fushia pink! So part of me is tempted to wear that tooo...
I'm tempted to go with metallicy nails with this dress? The colour and lace detailing is so beautiful though so I definitely don't want to detract too much from the dress - but I always like something a little different, or statement so this of course makes dressing up this outfit a little difficult for myself. I'm just too fussy!

So, feel free to comment below with your thoughts/ opinions/ some inspiration for me! It's greatly appreciated, cause the style of dress isn't the easiest to accessorise! Typical me...

Much love!



  1. Such a pretty dress, the colour is lovely!

  2. Thank you Ellen! It's such a nice, statement colour - here's hoping the sky in Shetland will be just as blue next week!
    My beautiful new shoes that I'm going to wear with it have arrived today too! Treated myself to some Jeffery Campbells so I'm very excited and will do a blog post about them so look out for that!

    Love your blog! Now following you :) xxxx