Monday 25 June 2012

M.A.C Makeup

(MAC Creme Colour Base in Pearl swatch - without flash)

(MAC Creme Colour Base in Pearl swatch - with flash)

(wearing only foundation & concealer)

(MAC Creme Colour Base in Pearl - blended)

                                            (MAC Creme Colour Base in Pearl - not blended)

(MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium Deep - with flash)

(MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium Deep - without flash)

Apologies for such a photo heavy post, and for the messy hair in these photo's too - trust me, it was even worse when I took it down!

So these two M.A.C products were my birthday presents from my boyfriend, which I picked out :)
I've been using Benefit No 10 Bronzer & Highlighter Duo for years, and it recently ran out so was in need of a new bronzer and highlighter. So I thought, why not go for separate products and why not go for M.A.C?! I love M.A.C, I just wish I owned more of it - having no M.A.C store nearby is something I do not enjoy about North East Scotland!

The two products are

- Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep
- Cream Colour Base in Pearl 

MSF Now I know, some of you may be thinking "skinfinish as your bronzer/contourer?!" as it's designed as a low coverage skin powder, but I was recommended it by the Online Chat MAC lady because of my pale skin tone and I genuinely love it. I like that it's not sparkly, and it's a great product for contouring. As you can see, Medium Deep is a gorgeous golden colour, but I couldn't get a photograph of a swatch that did it justice so a photo of it in it's pan will need to do you all ;)

CREAM COLOUR BASE Now this is what I use as a highlighter - and it's gorgeous creamy consistency makes it so easily blendable on your skin and is highly versatile. I apply with my fingers so that I can gradually build up the effect I want, depending on how much highlight I want, and I apply on my cheekbones in a < shape to the edge of my eyebrow as that's exactly where the light naturally hits my face.
Any excess product left on my hands I lightly apply down the centre of my nose for an extra slimming effect ;)
Pearl is described by MAC as a 'pale gold with icy shimmer', and it does look very pale in the pan - so you only need a tiny amount, as any makeup containing white/pale pigments is enhanced when applied to the skin and naturally 'pops'.


So I'm totally in love with these products and as soon as I was given them they were taken right out their packages and I used them immediately - and they are definitely keepers' in my daily makeup routine! 
I have a feeling they'll last forever, as only a tiny amount of highlighter is needed, and I use a Body Shop Body brush to apply the MSF as it is highly pigmented!

I'm looking forward to purchasing some more M.A.C products in the near future, but the decision is what products to now go for?!

Hope you like, and what M.A.C products are your favourites?


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  2. fantastic pictures honey ;)
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    1. Thank you Silvia! Some of it was really hard to photograph - so not sure I've done the products justice, hope you're having a lovely day too! xxx

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  9. I've been using msfn as a contour for years! I actually have 2 shades, I have a slightly lighter powder to set under my eyes and a darker powder to set and contour around my cheeks. I set my makeup and highlight/contour in one go, love it!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one who does this! I love using MSFN as a contourer, I don't think I'll be turning back anytime soon! Been using it pretty much everyday since June and doesn't even look like it's been used at all!
      So efficient! ;) xxx