Tuesday 19 June 2012


This is what I wore on Saturday night for a friend of mine's 18th Ceilidh, and it was an amazing night!
(For those of you who aren't Scottish - a ceilidh is an evening of Scottish dancing! Like a barndance, but obviously Scottish ;) )

I really wanted to wear a floaty short skirt, and totally forgot that I owned this BCBGMAXAZARIA one that I bought years & years ago while in the United States, and it has a gorgeous ribbon wrap abound belt attached to it which you can see in the last photo.

I hate wearing dull colours, or even simply black and white - so I paired the grey skirt with my neon pink lace top from H&M's recent Conscious Collection for that pop of colour against the skirt and my cream H&M Blazer.
My Hessian & White heels are ones I bought last Summer in Dorothy Perkins and I absolutely love them, they've had a few casual outings already this summer, I wish I could wear heels everyday.

It was my birthday on Thursday (and I'm now the scary age of 20, leaving my teen years behind!) and the bag you see in the two top images was a gift from a (guy!) friend, a beautiful pastel pink and light grey/purpley colour bag which I am very in love with! He even didn't ask for any hints, help or ideas - just shows me that he does listen to all my fashion chat! :)
It went perfect with my outfit so received it's first outing then! :)

Got so many other beautiful gifts too, will do a blog post about them very shortly!

Hope you like this look, it's also on Lookbook.nu at http://lookbook.nu/look/3634973-Ceilidh-Dancing 
I'm getting so much better at posting more regularly on Lookbook just like I've always aimed to do - so keep a look out, and I appreciate all your hypes & comments!

Much Love,


  1. love how you matched that cream blazer with a coral top! great outfit, dear :D if you like my blog too, do you want to follow each other? xoxo jess


  2. Thank you Jess! I was so proud to pick an outfit I liked so quickly out of things I already owned/ rediscovered I had!

    Love your blog so have followed you :)

  3. Wow you look absolutely beautiful. Love this outfit! I love wearing floaty skirts it sounds weird but it makes me feel like i look more girlie! Im following you of course!


    1. Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment! Not weird at all, I totally agree - I don't wear skirts/dresses as much as I'd like to so I definintely feel much more feminine when I do :)

      Thank you for the follow, about to follow you too :) xxxx

  4. Thats so well put together!!!

    Lovely blog!


    Hope you check mine out

    Gem x

  5. What a great outfit!! Your shirt, your bag, your skirt and your blazer are sooo amazing!! This is really a perfect combination and I love it!! Thumbs up!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  6. You look gorgeous, love the outfit. I especially love the blazer, its very cute, and a great colour :D