Thursday 21 June 2012

Comfortable in Cashmere

The other day I was working and saw this absolutely gorgeous scarf in the sale basket (I work in Johnstons of Elgin, a company who make lots of beautiful scarves & rugs for ourselves and for brands  like Chanel, Hermes & Louis Vuitton!) and the cashmere basket at that, for £25! Once I got staff discount too, £18! Absolute steal - so naturally I had to have it. It's amazing, so comfy, and it's the size of a mini rug! If you know me, you know that I have a thing about scarves as I always feel slightly bare if I'm not wearing one - so no small scarves for me!

The grey & red tones of this scarf make it really different to any other scarf I own, and the tartan pattern is so very Scottish which I adore, a statement in itself! So here I've worn it with a plain light pink tee, black Topshop jeans & my pastel pink Primark flats for a casual look to go see a friend, and I think it really shows off the scarf!

I have a feeling that working in Johnstons this summer is not just going to be great for my CV, but also a little bad for my bank account! Though if I keep getting bargains like this, it's maybe not going to be so damaging ;)

Hope you like!


  1. You look great! I love that scarf!

    I am now following you, follow back?

  2. Thank you Ashley!

    Love your blog, and am following on BlogLovin' since I can't find GFC on your blog.
    Noticed you're from Texas, I LOVE TEXAS! I've visited out there a good few times as my Aunt & Uncle live in Houston. Absolutely adore the heat, shame it's almost been two years since I've been!

    Thank you for the comment & follow :) Rachel xx