Thursday 31 May 2012


So I'm really rubbishy at keeping up with 'What I Wore Today' posts, I'll blame the fact that while at Uni there was literally hardly any room for me to set up my tripod and camera to take some decentish photo's but also laziness is also to blame!
However, I'm going to make more of an effort while I'm home this summer to do much more posts while I have more time on my hands (and the space to set up my tripod, as it can just stay set up in my room without being a potential to cause me injury...)

Today I was out for lunch with my Mum & Sisters to Brodie Countryfare, and the food there is gorgeous! So are it was a quick last minute notice thing, I had to really quickly choose an outfit and sometimes snap decision outfits are the ones that come out the best! So I went for something that was stylish, casual yet fine enough for a lunch out and I'm particularly loving the pastel and statement necklace trends at the moment, so this fit together nicely!

Mint Jeans - H&M
Loose White Shirt - Matalan (Yes, Matalan!)
Pastel Pink Flats with Bow - Primark
Statement Black, Gold & Diamante Necklace - New Look

The nail varnish I am wearing is 'Bluebell' by Nails Inc and is one of the three colours that were available free with last months InStyle magazine (which I bought purely for the polish, yesterday!) and I LOVE this colour, and luckily I don't own anything else like it. Talking on magazines freebies, I can't wait to get my hands on the Benefit Cosmetics freebees with this months Company magazine which was released today! I meant to pop to the Co-op earlier but I have not yet set a time to go, maybe before/after work tomorrow... I definitely need some PoreFessional, That Gal & Bad Gal Lash Mascara in my life!

If you like this look and you are a member on - this look is posted there and I'd appreciate your hype ;)
Rachel x

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