Saturday 26 May 2012

Models Own x Hed Kandi - Balearic Cool

Sorry that it's taken me so long to get round to this second post, been a busy bee with my new Summer job, and generally just lazing around meeting up for coffee with friends (it's Summer afterall!)

Here is Baleraric Cool, the second exotically named neon Models Own x Hed Kandi Polish which I own, and I am in love with this shade! It's bright, yet still looks like a pastel shade at the same time and unlike Hedonist this has a glossy finish to it rather than a matte although I have also shown it here with my Rimmel top coat. I just wish I was in the Balearics, rather than wearing the named after nail varnish! Here's hoping this summer sun keep's up in Scotland!...
Application of this polish is much more difficult as it is actually quite thin and runnier so it's definitely worth spending a little more time on this one, and this is shown here with two or three coats (which I definitely recommend you do with this polish) to make it more opaque. However, it dried reasonably quickly and the polish lasts well - definitely a great summer colour which looks great on it's own, but I'm also looking forward using it as a base for some nail art too!

Hope you like!

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