Tuesday 30 June 2015


Having time to spare can be both a lovely & a dangerous thing. As someone who’s always rushing around, I enjoy taking the time to sit and relax - often over a coffee & magazine, catching up with friends or reading the latest posts on my favourite blogs.

But last Sunday after a lovely re-union with 3/4 of my Uni girls who I have missed so much, I had some time to spare in Aberdeen before catching my train. Before I continue, the missing Uni friend is currently living it up in Australia, so I think she got the better deal than the North of Scotland! ;)

So I had two and a half hours to spare, Union Square has a MAC & I have a weakness for makeup. You clever gals can guess where I’m about to go from here.... 



I know I’ve looked at this lipstick many a time when on a swatching mission, but it’s not really been the shade I was looking for. But then on Sunday, Hot Tahiti was exactly the colour I wanted.
I have a big soft spot for blue toned reds, and as much as I love a bold lip - it’s always nice to have the option of something more subtle, without the worry of being very light handed with a bold colour.  With one or two coats you get the most beautiful tint, (this is a glaze formula) but can easily be built up to a stronger colour should you so desire. I like that this does leave a slight stain on your lips, isn’t drying and has a very respectable wearing time of around 6 hours for me - even after numerous cups of tea & lunch!

I cannot rave enough about this colour, and can’t wait to actually post an picture of it on! Such a versatile colour, it would look great on most skin tones. I promise you won’t regret purchasing this shade!


And to the right, there you’ll find one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of all time, Mehr. This isn’t a colour that received a whole load of attention, and definitely not anywhere near what it deserves. This is my everyday lip colour. Matte, nude but slightly pink, a little bit 90’s & perfectly defined when used with the Soar liner. You’ll have seen this one worn in my Instagram pictures quite a bit, and is the perfect ‘My Lips But Definitely Better’ shade. 


Instead of purchasing one of the larger tubs, which would take me my entire lifetime to get through, I went for one of the mini travel friendly vials of pigment. HOW CUTE! I like something that can fit in my everyday makeup bag, and this does exactly that. I’ve been using it in the inner corners of my eye to brighten up that area, and this colour is just perfect! Pearlescent with a peachy, gold shimmer - Vanilla is every bit worth all the hype it already gets. 



I know this is not going to be the biggest MAC haul you’ve ever seen, but I must say I’m pretty happy with my little collection. Especially since I didn’t actually go in with any particular product in mind. My Mehr is almost finished, and I’ve ummed & aaahed over Vanilla for years - very glad I bit the bullet & bought it in mini form.

What’s your thoughts on my little haul? Feel free to leave any comments or recommendations you may have below! I love to read them.
Until next time!

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  1. Love the lipstick colour! I'll have to look out for that one next time I'm in MAC! xx

    Lauren | shynature.blogspot.co.uk