Tuesday 11 November 2014

Finally, London.

So, a lot has happened over the last 6 weeks or so - and I've been pretty silent on the blog.
Some not so fantastic things have happened, but every cloud has it's silver lining. So for me, instead of moving to Manchester as mentioned in a previous post, I've actually moved down to London instead!
Arriving and settling in London has been such an amazing and fun experience, although naturally I miss people and family from home too. But to live where we're living, and work where we are working makes us nothing short of a privileged bunch.

Of course, I couldn't move down here without having a wander, getting my bearings and making my way through some of the famous London sites. Even those which are right on our doorstep!

The style, fashion and everything down here is amazing - the walk down Bond Street to and from work everyday has an array of beautiful designer garments, and with Christmas around the corner everything is turning so stunningly festive! Hopefully I'll get the chance to share with you all my own style and outfits while I'm here. I much prefer peoples openness to fashion here, wear anything too extravagant or a lipstick so bright at home and you're gawked at. But here, it's pretty much expected.

So let me love and leave you with some pictures of my London adventures so far.
If any of you can recommend anywhere else good to visit/eat/drink/spend time in London, do let me know - me and my flatmates are always on the look out for new places to go!

Much love, 

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