Thursday 4 September 2014


As Autumn/ Winter fast approaches, I love that it means it's time for all the new collections to land. Whether it's clothing, or beauty, everyone knows that September is the January of fashion - and it's time to take note of what's arriving in the seasons ahead.

Today I want to turn my focus to beauty, to the wonderful Chanel - of course, and share my absolute love for this nail varnish with you all. 
Let me introduce Atmosphère, an absolutely stunning nude/pink/purple duo chrome polish which immediately caught my attention when browsing the Chanel counter at the weekend.  Once it caught my eye, that was it, and once I swatched it - my goodness, it had to be mine!

As part of the Autumn Winter 2014 'Etats Poetiques' collection, Chanel have released three beautiful new, complimentary polishes - Secret, Orage and Atmosphère. But like a little magpie, it was the pearlescent shimmers that won me over to this truly unique shade!

At first I wondered if this was simlar to Illamasqua's Hemlock, but this is definitely different. Both beautiful duo-chromes,  but Atmosphère pulls pink/purple duo-chrome compared to the green of Hemlock.  
My swatches below show 2 coats of Atmosphère over one coat of OPI's 'Don't Bossa Nova Me Around', to make it more opaque. Application was easy and fast drying, with minimal streaking. 

I love how this looks over a nude, light polish and I can't wait to try it out over something darker! Chanel do try and sell this as a great topcoat for their new dark grey polish, Orage. I skipped purchasing this because I already own Chanel's Vertigo (a dark, dark grey with purple/plum shimmer) which I imagine would achieve a result not too dis-similar. 

As much as I dote over this shade, a minuscule part of me looks at this and feels it was maybe not actually meant for an Autumn/Winter winter collection. As much as I try to deny it, it does present itself as a more obvious choice for a Spring/Summer collection, as light tones and pastels have been a-flowing down the catwalks. But hey, maybe Chanel want us to be a bit more out of our comfort zones, and why should Autumn/Winter always mean darker shades? 
Maybe by shaking things up and throwing us a curveball would make us long for longer, and warmer days when the darkness and cold bite of winter becomes just a bit too much.

I might feel more autumnal when I apply this on top of Vertigo instead, (stay tuned for those Instagram posts), but for right now I'll enjoy this bright, light and shimmery brilliance. 

I know this post is pretty photo heavy, but to skimp on the photos would not do the justice such a unique shade deserves, so naturally I couldn't resist. It's simply gorgeous. 

I would love to know what you all think about this polish! Do you own it, or is it on that ever growing wish list? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Much love, 

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  1. Such a gorgeous looking shade, definitely one for the wish list. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels