Wednesday 11 June 2014

Relentlessly Red

Isn't the Cretan sunshine absolutely perfect for blog pictures!

So today I'm giving you a peek at the newest product to earn it's place in my makeup bag, yes, summer is now here and it's the season for bright, statement lips! Not that I ever gave up that look for Winter, anyway with my beloved Mac Rebel....

But now it's maybe time to switch it up with this new (to me) lipstick, Relentlessly Red, which is a permanent shade from 2013's Retro Matte Collection - along with Dangerous, Ruby Woo, Flat Out Fabulous, and All Fired Up.

Described by MAC as  'Bright pinkish, coral matte,' you'd be forgiven for thinking that even they aren't sure exactly how to describe this beautiful, cool-toned shade - named red, but with it's hints of pink and coral. 
On my pale, but slightly golden undertoned skin,  this lipstick is vibrantly pink and doesn't really show coral or red at all, but you can see on the first image above that the coral does at times show through - just not on me!

Highly pigmented yet also buildable, this shade is great for if you want a pop of colour, or if you really want to work it up for a more dramatic look - just as I have done so in the images below. 

The matte finish does mean this is more drying on your lips, so I recommend applying some lip balm or your favourite lip moisturising product prior to application. 
To avoid the dryness, I apply Elizabeth Arden 8 hours cream, and then rub this into my lips with a cotton bud to work the product in, while the cotton bud helps exfoliate for a smooth base. 
To me, the matte finish also makes application a little more difficult, not majorly so - application was in no way a hassle, but this lipstick is not quite as buttery and smooth so does drag in comparison to my other non-matte shades. 

When I was in MAC with my boyfriend (he bought me this as an Easter/ post dissertation stress treat) and I first saw this I immediately thought of another Mac lipstick, 'Impassioned', and although the assistant told me this was 'completely different and in no way similar,' my instinct proved my right and when swatched together there are many similarities. This did make me doubt for a while whether to return this and get a different shade - but I decided to keep it.
Despite their similarities Impassioned is a pure, amplified Fuchsia and R.R could be described as a more Cranberry shade in comparison under natural light. Also, I just love the classiness of the matte finish, which I'm sure will not be the first, or last, to make its way into my make-up collection.

                                                                        Natural Sunlight

Left - Impassioned    R- Relentlessly Red
(How freckly does my hand look here?!)

With Flash
Left - Impassioned    R- Relentlessly Red

I really do love this lipstick, and can guarantee it will be making many an appearance over the summer months! It definitely makes me want to foray further into the world of matte lipsticks.

What are your thoughts on Relentlessly Red? 
Do you own this lipstick, or any others from the Retro Matte collection?

I love to read your thoughts and comments, so please leave yours in the comment box below!

(and incase anyone is wondering, my nail polish in this post is Chanel's Bel Argus).

Much love,

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  1. I commented on your Facebook page but thought I'd say that I love the Retro Matte collection - I have Relentlessly Red, Riri Woo, Ruby Woo & Flat out Fabulous. xxx