Tuesday 3 September 2013

MAC coming to Aberdeen: My favourite products


I'm sure I'm not the first to share my excitement at the news of the MAC Cosmetics store finallllllly, after taking it's precious time, coming to Union Square in Aberdeen.
It's a touchy subject for us North-East girls that such a well loved brand has left us feeling a bit abandoned and left out, that we have no where in the city to swatch all those beautiful colours, and bring them home there and then. Lipsticks are my weakness, so this will be great news for me as I have much love for Mac Lipsticks (Amplified formula's are my favourite though, for the pigmentation) but will be bad news for my bank account. Advanced apologies....

So to celebrate my excitement (yes, I'm genuinely looking forward to this opening & immediately consulted my best friend - another MAC maven) here is a run down of my favourite pieces from my own MAC collection right now...

Mac Lipstick in 'Impassioned'

MAC MSF in 'Medium Deep' as a Matte Bronzer

Mac Lipstick in 'Chatterbox'

Mac MSF in 'Soft & Gentle' as a powder highlighter

The Russian Red lipstick is a really great lipstick too and would recommend it to any of you girls who are pale but with a warm/ golden undertone to the skin. As a colour that leans slightly blueish rather than orange - it is great for us!
Eye products such as Fluidline (Blacktrack) I really enjoyed using while I had it, well before it dried out - but see my previous post for reviving a dried out fluidline! I do have a few more pieces in my collection, but those mentioned above are those that are most prominent in my makeup bag right now.

As I've never really had easy access to a MAC store before, I'm looking forward to getting a chance to get to try out the foundations that they have on offer. As much as I love my makeup, I do admit I feel left out that I don't know my 'Mac number' when it comes to skin care, NW'S and NC'S is completely new to me and I'm looking forward to familiarising myself with all their products, and actually having the chance to try before I buy! Everything I have bought so far I have had to scour the internet for reviews, and base my online purchases on that - so glad those days are over! Though I can imagine it will just lead me to find more beautiful things that an website cannot convey to the same extent. Lipsticks, for sure - I'm a sucker for a bright lip!

So we'll see how much damage is done when the store opens in the start of October.. stay posted nearer the time to see what I end up picking up!

Are there any MAC products you already absolutely love, or are looking forward to experimenting with when the new store opens? Let me know, I love reading your comments and product recommendations!


  1. Scottish man lover here :3 that bronzer has been on my wishlist for a long old time! I love the matte finish :)

    rubyduchess.blogspot.ie :)


  2. Haha, love your comment! ;)
    It's great, I've actually had this one for 15months now and that was a recent photograph of it so not even near the pan and I've used it every single day! Love it so much. You can also see it applies (along with Soft & Gentle) in my 'Chatterbox' image too :)


  3. I have never found a foundation powder I like better than the Studio Fix! :) I have bothersome skin and it just makes it look flawless... even tho it is not! ;)

  4. I'm so excited! Now if only we could get illamasqua, nars, space.nk... Haha!! I'm eager to get swatching their eyeshadows!

    Jodi xx