Thursday 18 October 2012

Pink Fizz & Gold Finger


                                                                                     Pink Fizz - Models Own (one coat)
                                                                                 Gold Finger - Models Own (one coat)
                                                                                 Thread Bare - Topshop (two coats)
                                                                             3 in 1 clear Top & Base Coat - Models Own

Hello! It's been so long since I've posted, so apologies (feel like I say this about everytime I post the last wee while) but I am now back in Aberdeen after Summer so have some more space to actually do bloggery things!

These two glitter polishes are two new ones to my collection, and are from Models Own. Anyone who is a nail polish fanatic was probably aware that they have a huge 50% off sale a couple of weeks ago, well - this is where I bought these from (really can't say no to paying £2.50 instead of a fiver!) and it's also where I went a little crazy and bought too much cheap nail polish as it was just all too convenient that SAAS came in on that very same day. Ooops! At least I'll have plenty polish to show you, I must do a haul post on here for you to see my new collection!

I've loved glitter nail polishes for a long time, but because they're so notoriously difficult to remove I have avoided wearing them (last time I wore a glitter was in April, Models Own Ibiza Mix and it took me an hour to remove/chip off! Not healthy) so I'm hoping these ones are a little easier as they aren't huge sequiney flecks.
Although! I have heard Sally Hansens 'Kwik Off' is THE best product for removing glitter polishes with ease,  and it's nae too expensive either, (£4/£5 + postage online) so I'm feeling that I might need to get my hands on some since I bought so many glitters!

This is just a really simple look, which I love and have had a few compliments on! The nude colour is two coats of Topshop's 'Thread Bare' which I have been completely obsessed with recently, it is such a perfect 'go with everything' nude, great on its own, or with colour's and glitters alike! Very Chanel Frenzy, too. See my previous post for my actual review on it :)

There have been so many great nail trends coming off the catwalks recently, so I'm looking forward to giving them a go, and showing you the results! 

Hope you like this nail look, I love reading your comments so please leave some below if you like :)

Much love!

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