Saturday 8 August 2015

Friend or Foe: 70’s Suede Cape

When I first heard about the resurgence of the 70s trend, I proudly proclaimed that this would not be one for me, and I would spend the entire season passing up on its styles & influence - thank you very much.  
But now, here I am, as I admit that this is a trend I am slowly, but definitely surely falling for...

There’s been a couple 70’s style pieces I’ve admired over the last little while, but last weekend when I spied this River Island beauty, I immediately loved it! I tried it on, loved it & then my boyfriend walked over and completely burst my little happy bubble when he declared his dislike for it. 
Who agrees that sometimes men are just too honest?! 

Limited Edition Brown Faux-Suede Cape - River Island

Laying my lawyer-boyfriend’s concept of fashion sense to one side, I knew the only ones I needed to consult for their yay-or-nae opinion were my trusty fashion gals.

Expecting them to also love the trend, it was interesting how split their comments were. From the blunt “no ways” to 70s fashion converts, to “you look like a modern-day Pocahontas, which I love” (which made my day, Pocahontas was my ultimate favourite Disney princess. Yes, I’m aware I’m now 23...)

Images taken from River Island website. Mine were no-where near as good!

So it turns out even the fashion pack are divided on this, and the jury’s not quite out on the 70’s trend. But I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this?

The cape trend is one I have been on the bandwagon for for a while now, as I just love the east and versatility of them. So, it’s just logical I’d love a fringed one in my wardrobe to keep me right this AW15. 
While I swoon over the suede cape, I have a feeling my next fashion debate will be over the suede skirt... 
Don’t forget to leave your thoughts & comments below!

Until next time,


  1. Get the cape! Boys are clueless. He doesn't have to like it, he's not the one wearing it ha! Looks gorgeous xx

    1. I love it, just need to get it all ordered :) And you know what, that’s exactly what I told him! He doesn’t like half of what I wear, but my clothes & my style! xx

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